" Wang Shang Shengming. "Everyone suddenly revealed, Li Wei has been arranged, but also said what? Have to say, Li Wei considers very thoughtful, especially the name of the Jinshi, is not simple. More people are amazed, and everyone is touched by the river. Many systems are slowly changed, but they have come here, and they already have a mature system, let people sigh. .

The soldiers on the warship knocked on the drum, singing the song, shocking, in the eyes of Xiao Yu, etc., the war boat The hit hit in the watermaster in the watermaster, and the village was dramatically shaking, and the watermaster soldier in the distance, the watermaster soldier even the bow and arrow were shot, and they have escaped from the arrow, just a water battle, already killed. The big soldiers were shocked, and the hepatobiliary cracked. Where there is a thought to live a military army, when he sees the army to kill, hate can't live two legs, the demon.

"Zheng Wang, you now have Luoyang, but Wei Gong has most of the territory of the Tiger, if you want to fight against Luoyang, you need more territory, this Is Nanyang County not sent to Zheng Wang? "Wang Yu saw Wang Shiqi's way, couldn't help persuade:" When our army and Li Wei fought Wu Guan, Nanyang is empty, just in the county, Nanyang County How many soldiers? Zheng Wang can get Nanyang County without blowing the gray, even more places. "

" is not Say that we have been with the girders? "

"Queen said, I know." Li Yu smiled: "Sometimes, I can think that this is that the emperor is not comfortable, the emperor is only trapped in the cage, but this cage is more big."

" Li densi is not dead, sleeping in the evening is not stable. " Wang Shi took a look at his nephew and said: "Go to rectify the army, prepare to attack Nanyang! "

The Dengzhou watermaster is controlled by the whole, and the Hanjiang watermaster has been broken. The two major watermasters gather in Li Wei, there is a technology, some talents, how can Li Wei not strengthen their own Technical upgrade! The five tooth ships are no longer the most powerful wars of the army, but the landlift, which is a semi-closed shootout.

"The top three is the champion, the list, the blossoms, for a list, give the best, the second, the three, three, respectively, the mids, the same capital is born. Different seven people, triple? People, make up three hundred people. "Li Yu thought, said:" This year, the situation, Mr. Yu, the triar added some. In any test, the Jinshi in the exam, I will go to the military camp for three months every day. Exercise, the court has encountered these officials, these officials can't delay the big events of the court because they are in the body. "

Wang Shiqiao's self-satisfied, said:" This world, arbitration, who can calculate me? Is Li Wei can't. "

"Tune Li Gu, leading 10,000 people, guards Nanyang, guards Xie Yingdeng's post. Respontion of Wang Shiqi. The lonely army army 50,000 people, go to Qijiang County, will be Li Mi." Li Wei pointed to hopeNorthern.