"Well!" Luo Yang nodded slightly, I feel that there is no movement in the magic cloud valley, and I feel that it is not practical.

At the moment, the night is coming, and the sky has become a little longer, especially in the Magic Yun Valley, there are very depressed feelings.

a miserable scream, a gold devil that is going to lurking is, actually wearing a chest by a long gun.

, Han Yu also waited impatient, and said:" Big Brother, all have been waiting for a whole day, the big bear has not returned, is we still continue to wait? "

And worried Han Yu, but I couldn't help but ask: "Big brother, now the magical abortion has been driven almost, why did the big bear have not come back?"

And Mo wind is also selfish, to pay the black hand of the scene, you must keep the Shengguang energy, otherwise it is not worthless.

And Luoyan did not dare to take risks, and even the wind is willing to be involved, and naturally willing to stay. Relative to the behind-the-scenes behind the strength, these murder should be slightly dealt with.

"Finished! We are completely trapped by Magic Bar!"

"God! In the magic barrier, you can't tell the magic shadow. ! "

It may be because of the cause of Magic Valley, Mofeng's volatilian holy light can't transmit the entry layer, it is difficult to surveak more.