" It seems that this kid escapes. "The sword revenge is helpless, Zhengqiao:" Anyone, the first consideration is all interests, the strength and talent showing the starry, has won the emphasis on the high level of Jianzong! Especially the heart of the sword is old, naturally, it will not re-trowne, but the small lesson is inevitable, it can be obedient to the starry. "

" Of course, in this weak meat, the world of meat, in order to survive, always avoid killing! "Lin Chen relied back.

" Well, the late end of the bile, please pay attention. " "Lin Chen nodded slightly, dragon blood drums, ready to prepare.

Long Wei, qi and blood, the original calm pills have become increasing.

"Hua Longkang? I will reach a day, even surpassed the dragon!" Lin Chen's heart is determined, did not have a depression because of defeating, but more aggressive. .

Jianluo is facing Lin Chen, who is full of heart, the heart is crushing:" Sure enough, it is a bone, can make a wonderful, even face The old man is also afraid. If you can carefully *, you will be able to achieve the dragon in the dragon in three years. No wonder the sword bones will safeguard this kid, that is, the old man can't help but love. "

After all, Jianluo's repair is terrible, it may be highly transformed dragon. It is a layer of pneumatic and infinite, Lin Chen naturally does not dare, and fully prepares.

Welmed the admirable eyes, Lin Chen slammed, it seems that the injury is not light, the face is white, the corner is overflowing the blood. But you can hold the palm of Jie Luo, enough to prove the strong body and strength of Lin Chen.

02 illusion? Illness?

02 "No! Don't be angry! Do you want to repeat?"


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