Other ways to say that many news channels in the Tsing Yi Building are all open to the killing of the status. This is also a thing that Jiang Deli must be in the heart.

Although the people in the rivers and lakes are both martial arts, they are not anyone who can kill.

The timing of this hurting murder is also clever.

Jiang Deli did not intend to have a gold-fitting power, thoroughly gave up the practice of iron cloth.

In a pub of Yinxin New City, the three heads of the three heads are sitting on the table.

Exited the Jianghu Forum.

Realm: Inner air (39 / 300)

after two days later .

Some sense of smell, sensitive players, have realized that the black wind village is not simple, especially the black winds, but also strong strength, and is not small, not simple robber.

But this time added new players, that is, another wave of fertile leeks is about to be mature.